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Materials of Construction

Materials of Construction
r.c. smitch
McGraw-Hill, 1973

x +    468    Hal.

Rp.   53,000 ,- (Sudah terjual)



The construction industry is growing and evolving, constantly seeking new and better materials for building and more efficient uses for old ones. The list of construction materials is constantly growing and a basic knowledge of the important ones is essential to anyone engaged in the designing and planning, estimating, or actual, construction of a building.

As a result of the current increased number of construction materials available and because of the constantly improving research in the field of material use, this first revision has broadened its scope, not only by introducing more materials but also by enlarging on information and data concerning materials already included.

There is information on recently developed products such as weathering steel, reflective glass, glass brick, particle board, more plastic products, new and better sealants, new coatings, and exterior finishing products.

More data are provided on such products as plywood, laminated arches, cements, aggregates, admixtures, epoxy flooring, sealants, and steel.

Manufacturers of building materials publish excellent descriptions of specific products. A great many books have been written on particular materials or allied groups of materials. Others have been written covering basic construction materials.

One purpose of this book is to present for students, particularly those involved in vocational and technical education and others who are interested in but not familiar with building construction, the fundamental aspects of all the important materials used in modern construction. It will not take the place of those books or brochures dealing exhaustively with one particular material.

The second purpose is to give a brief description of how some of these materials can be used to the best advantage. Again, manufacturers publish descriptions and detailed drawings on the recommended methods of using a specific product, and interested persons should avail themselves of this technical information whenever necessary.

It is the author’s hope that this book will serve to introduce many materials to the reader and that this introduction may be instrumental in promoting a search for more detailed information on specific materials.

The information available in this book has been made possible through the kind cooperation of a great many organizations and manufacturers, to whom I wish to .acknowledge a deep appreciation. They have all been most helpful to me and I am sure that they will continue to be equally as helpful to anyone who seeks further information on any of the materials discussed in these pages. Contributing companies and organizations are listed on pages xi-xii.



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