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Design of Steel Structures

Design of  Steel Structures
Edwin, H. Gaylord & Charles N. G
McGraw-Hill, 1968

x +    663    Hal.

Rp.    72,000 ,-    (Sudah Terjual)



In the preparation of the second edition the authors have been guided by the philosophy that was the basis for the first edition. The arrangement of material is the same, except that beam columns are now treated in Chapter 4 on columns. Since the behavior of structural  components cannot be discussed without consideration of post-yielding phenomena, elements of plastic analysis and design are introduced at an earlier stage in the treatment of columns, beams, beam columns and connections. In addition, the chapter on plastic design has been expanded to include a treatment of analysis by virtual displacements and moment balancing procedures. There is a considerable amount of new material covering the new structural steels and the manner in which structures respond to load.

Since design specifications are revised more often than in the past some of the illustrative examples are intentionally based on strength predictions and factors of safety which differ from those of standart, specifications. As in the first edition, the authors have presented and discussed design calculations for several structures which have been built.

Calculations for the highway bridge which was a feature of the. first edition have been revised in accordance with the 1969 edition of the AASHO Specifications. Discussion and analysis of the wind-bracing system of the South Central Bell Telephone Company building in Birmingham are presented as an example of the high-rise building. The authors wish to express their appreciation to Messrs. M. H. Eligator and A. J. Grasso of Weiskopf and Pickworth, New York City, and especially ,” to Mr. J. P. Rutigliano of W & P Engineers, San Francisco, who furnished the necessary drawings and calculations for this structure and who also reviewed the chapter on multistory buildings and made several valuable suggestions.

The authors are grateful to Dr. Eugene Chesson, Jr., who read the entire manuscript and made a number of valuable comments and suggestions, and to Dr. Peter C. Birkemoe and Dr. James B. Radziminski, who read portions of the manuscript. They are also indebted to Dr. T. R. Higgins and Miss Mary Anne Donohue of the American Institute of Steel Construction, and to various other organizations and individuals who furnished photographs and other material.

Edwin H. Gaylord, Jr.

Charles N. Gaylord


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